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Back at the Safari

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Today was our first day back and it has been a long and very up and down day. We started earlyish and took our time checking out and eating breakfast. We then hired the bike we will need and went to Tesco for supplies we will need, mainly coffee and toilet paper. We then decided to try and see the leopard, Mocha we helped hand raise, they have brought him down to the bridge over the river Kwai and chained him to a table for tourists since we have left. It's a set back from when we left but we wanted to see the little fellow. Unfortunately we looked everywhere and could not find him, we asked some locals in Thai 'Leopard?'everyone looked at us like we were crazy so we decided to leave it.

Our drive to the safari was ok apart from the heat, it was like driving on the surface of the sun. We made it to the park around 1pm and went straight to the tigers and cubs at the entrance where we spent the majority of our time when we were previously here. The first thing went noticed was there were no leopards, and just one tiger, Tat. The next thing was the size of Tat, she has grown so much, she is now 4 and a half months old and about the size of a full grown Rottweiler. She is quite scary. We then met with Danni and asked how everything was and we were brought back down to earth. Ned, the male tiger cub we looked after had died. We knew he was in hospital via keeping in touch while we were away, we did not know why but did not for a minute think it was serious, but a couple of days before we turned up he had died. We were gutted, we both loved that tiger and had raised him for the best part of a month and spent everyday with him. All the cubs have now had there front claws removed, that is why the leopard cub was not out. We managed to go see them both in there small night enclosure where they are been kept while they heal. They are both huge as well, and real quick. We luckily got to feed them both again. We are both a little disheartened by the setbacks with the big cats, the claws and the tragedy of Neds death.

The rest of the day was spent catching up, we saw everyone, a lot of the staff remembered us and said hello, everyone seems happy we are back. We went back down to the monkey enclosures, they all look great and loads of progress has been made. The puppies that were born just before we left are adorable. Around a month old they are very small and cute Chelsea is crazy with them and would spend all day with thm given the option. The one named after her is the biggest. She bullies all the other puppies and runs around excitedly. We went on the safari bus and had a great time feeding the giraffes. They all put their heads inside the bus and the little baby giraffe even came up and we got to feed her.

We fed the monkeys and watched King Kong the monkey find a frog in his cage and clutch it like it was his most prized possession.

One of the staff members has also invited all the volunteers to a party at the local village school. We were also invited and did not know what to expect. It was way more elaborate than we thought, and it seemed to be some kind of graduation party. There were lots of round tables to sit and we bought some whiskey and ate an amazing neverending Thai meal. One dish at a time, dish after dish was brought out for is all the share. There we so much and a huge variety. It was delicious. There was a stage at the front and dancers and the kids were awarded with something we are not sure what. There was one Thai boy amongst the dancers and Adam, one of the volunteers decided he was the best and bought him flowers on a kind of garland that we think symbolised votes. Adam bought this kid loads and has a result he won. He was elated and very shy.

Two bottles of whiskey later and we were still going strong so we bought a third and took it back with us. We were up until one talking with Danni and Adam. We finally called it a night and slightly worse for ware managed to collapse into bed.

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It's really sad the tiger you cared for has died it's also sad they remove the claws in order to make money.I think it's an ongoing battle about the care of animals in Thialand it's been in the news in U K lately.Go easy on the whiskey you will pickle your liver lol.Take good care of yourselves love you loads Nan and. granddad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

by Nan and Granddad

Glad to here you made it safely to the safari park but so sorry to here your sad news that Ned the Tiger has died. I hope that you can both still enjoy your time there and that its not too upsetting or disheartening xxx. Sounds like you hit the whiskey anyway lol
Take care and enjoy. Love and miss you both
xxxxxxxxxx mum & dad xxxxxxxxxxx

by bev

Hi ya guys how r u both, seams ages since yr last blog, so glad u finally arrived at safari xxxx but so sorry bout ned bless him, will say a little prayer 4 him & u both, hpe it hasnt made u feel too down r u available 4 a skype on friday at sum point lve u both lve c & s xxxxx

by Chris & Shell

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