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Campfires, monkeys and DIY. All in a days work at the safari

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Wednesday has been a very productive day. Chelsea took Danni to feed the giraffes in the morning which was as lovely as always. We cleaned and fed the monkeys and then got to work on our tasks. Adam and Danni built a table for Tat the tiger cub to climb on in her enclosure as she currently has nothing in there as a precaution since Ned died. Chelsea decided to make Gramps, her favourite macaque monkey a friend. His enclosure is at the very end and he has no other monkeys around him and not very many people visit him so she decided he might be lonely. She managed to scrounge two hessian sacks and set to work making him a straw and sawdust filled teddy she has names Mrs Gramp. It is not finished yet but she is excited to give gramps his new friend and see how he reacts. Whilst Chelsea was doing this Liam went to measure King Kong's cage so we can start on his storm shelter. The rest of the day we spent building this inside his enclosure. It looks good so far but the drill bit broke on us so we need to finish the last little bit. After this we decided to have a little party for the full moon. We showered and put our glad rags on and lit the fire. We got some beers and whiskey and had so lovely snacks made for us by Danni and Talei. We had cheese and crackers, crisps, dips, and vegetables. They also made dampers. These are an Australian thing they do back home where they make a dough, wrap it around a stick and cook it in the fire. It was lots of fun making them and cooking them and they were yummy, like fresh bread and we drizzled butter and honey on them. We had an amazing evening with music and candles and lots of laughs and lots and lots of drinks .... A few too many.


Thursday morning is a blur. We all woke up hungover and with only 4 hours sleep. We dragged ourselves down to the monkeys to clean and feed and then went for breakfast. Liam was unable to stomach anything and left after ten minutes to return to bed. Chelsea ate and came back to the common room to relax. For once Liam had the worse hangover. Liam on and off until around 12pm, but the rooms are so hot that it is impossible to sleep properly. We only have fans in our rooms and they just end uo blowing hot air onto you. Liam came around a bit after we ate some lunch, so we decided to head to the hardware store to replace the bloody drill bit that broke yesterday. The hardware shop is always a funny trip as the staff talk next to no English so we get to practice our limited Thai. Yesterday we bought some screw and they did not understand our hand gestures so had to draw what we wanted. We came back and managed to finish the base of the nest box in King Kongs cage. We plan to work on the sides and roof over the next two days. We are not expert builders and it was ntot very difficult but we think we have done a good job. After the evening monkey feed and dinner, we came back and more or less went straight to our room. Chelsea went to our room to take shower and found a huge spider on our wall. That totally freaked her out, Liam had to show it out the front door while Chelsea stood in the corner of the room nearly in tears. Liam then had to be there at all tmes when Chelsea was in the room incase it came back Tat and Ned have been to Bangkok for a few days and they have brought back an baby owl that they found in bad conditions on a market. The plan is to raise and then release it. We are not sure about this. The owl is cute though and we both held it and and fed it. We had a small team meeting but desperately needed to catch up on some sleep. We were both in bed for 9pm, and due to the spider incident, Chelsea made us sleep with the light on.

Today we woke up after 10 hours sleep feeling alot better. The monkey clean was more laid back than normal and we got done in no time. Our main objective for today was to carry on where we left off with King Kongs storm shelter. We made the long side wall that will keep him hopefully out of the worst of the wind. It took us all day, partly due to finding the wood and partly due to our skills with a drill. It was not without incident though as Liam touched a screw that Chelsea had tried to drill in and rounded the head. Of course the screw was a million degrees and now Liam has a burn mark in the perfect shape of screw on his thumb and finger. We managed to complete the wall today and we are happy with it, we have built in outside the enclosure as to not disturb Kong anymore than necessary, we just hope it fits through the door to the enclosure and also where it is supposed to be fitted. Liam has measured it a dozen times to make sure but knowing us two it is bound to not be right. We have another new pet today as well as Ned found a giant millipede in their room, it is really cool, round 6inch long and in is a crazy feeling when it crawls over your hand with its dozens and dozens of legs.


Adam and Danni have taken the weekend off so from tomorrow we are looking after the big cats. We get to clean out and feed the leopards and then get to walk Tat the tiger cub again and sit with her and Latte all day. We are very much looking forward to getting back on cub duty, even if they are alot bigger and scarier than before.

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Omg Chels your tan is amazing! I just needed to comment on that lol. You both look really well. The spider incident sounds horrific - I also would have slept with the lights on! Xxxx

by Cat

Lovely photos you both look great and so happy,please take photo of mrs gramps love to know how gramps reacts to it.I think Liam needs to take up joinery be careful looking after the cats they are still wild animals stay safe love you loads Nan and Granddad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

by Nan and Granddad

You both sounds like your having a whale of a time. The photo's are really good too apart from the millepede, that looks horrific.
Love you loads
xxxxxxxxxx mum & dad xxxxxxxxxxx

by Bev

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