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So we are staying a while longer at the safari.....

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Tuesday we had a lovely day. As we are leaving very soon we decided to do some of the nice things. In the morning we went on the giraffe feed together. We helped Lung Noi feed all the giraffes and then waited for Sanapong. One of the zebras is really friendly and Chelsea has become attached to it. It is heavily pregnant and is due any day now but she loves to be petted and stroked. She likes behind her ear scratching. She is the only zebra that you can get near as all the others are too afraid and skittish. When Sanapong arrived we helped feed all the zebras and then went into the safari to feed all the deer in his little side car. After the deer Chelsea took Liam to see the bear and Liam was amazed. He is gorgeous and fluffy. He sniffs really loud and puts his paws up to the mesh.

After we had finished our feed we helped on monkey clean until 9am and then decided to walk the cubs together. Chelsea walked Latte, her baby leopard and Liam walked Tat, his baby tiger. Latte is really excited when she is walked, she runs and jumps and has a lovely time playing. Tat is super strong now so when she runs you have no choice but to go with it. Half way down we swapped babies for a bit. We can’t believe how big tat is now and we still imagine her as a little cub. She is beautiful now though and her coat is gorgeous.

We spent the day on the cubs together. In the morning we had customers who had paid to do the morning programme so we decided to bath Tat. We have a big concrete giraffe bowl that Liam cleaned up weeks ago but that she has only been bathed in once. She didn’t want to walk over so Liam picked her up and took her over. She was a little afraid of the water at first but Toy just put her in and she loved it. She was splashing around and playing with the water. It was unbelievably cute. When she had had enough she got out but she wouldn’t get dried so we had to wait until it was her feed and Danni towel dried her whilst a tourist fed her. In the afternoon Toy asked us if we wanted to get a paw print from Blue. It was such good fun. We painted his paw green and stamped it on the paper and managed to get a few good ones before he had enough and then we cleaned him up. The rest of the day was spent looking after the cubs. There was no big tour groups because of the holidays so it was quiet. We got to spend some nice time feeding and playing with the cubs.

After the cubs went back to their night enclosures we fed the monkeys and went for dinner. There wasn’t enough food but luckily we had supplies so we came home and made some sandwiches. We decided to take them to the dam and have a little picnic over sunset. It was beautiful, really peaceful and just us two with stormy skies

Wednesday was the official day of Songkran and we had loads of fun. Joe, the boss said we could borrow a safari bus to go into town for the day and join in the massive water fight. Me, Liam and Ned spent the morning making a little nest box for buddy, our baby owl. We didn’t finish it as at 12.30 the bus picked us up. We had lunch on the bus and called on the way into town to buy water fight equipment. We all got buckets. When we arrived into Kanchanaburi it was totally chaotic. The roads were closed and the streets were filled with thousands of people playing, singing and dancing. It was like a huge carnival with the added extra of water. The streets were lined with massive barrels of water where you could fill up your bucket and people had hose pipes, water pistols and buckets of water that were being thrown in every direction. As soon as we stepped of the bus a crowd of people gathered to soak us and within thirty seconds we were drenched and stayed drenched all day. People have this white paste that they smear on their cheeks to wish you happy new year so every metre people would stop you to wish you sawdee pee mai, happy new year and smear paste on your face. It was loads of fun and we spent all day playing and water fighting.

The bus broke down on the way to pick us up so we didn’t get back till quite late. When we got back a few of us went to feed the monkeys in the pitch black which was really scary as all we could hear was digs, the cassowary making his aggressive noise.

Yesterday was a slower day. Chelsea fed the giraffes, zebra and deer in the morning with a new volunteer and we all did the monkey clean and feed. In the morning Chelsea made loads of signs to try and stop tourists feeding the monkeys. As it is Songkran we have had lots of customers and as some of the monkeys put their hands out to people they get fed all sorts of things that make them ill for days. Chelsea has made a sign for every enclosure now so hopefully people will take notice. Liam spent his morning researching tiger training. There is a zoo in South America that brings its tigers up around dogs so they take on the temperament of dogs. This means people can go into enclosures with fully grown tigers and it is never dangerous as the tiger is trained as a dog would be and so behaves with the friendly temperament of a dog. Tat the tiger is now too big for her current enclosure. She is really playful and we want to try and train her. We think it will be good for her as at the minute she is bored and she would enjoy a challenge and more attention. We are going to try positive reinforcement clicker training so when she hears a click she gets a treat and she associates the click with food. After a while you no longer need the food and she will respond only to the click.

In the afternoon we started on an improvement for troubles cage. She has to eat a kilo of leaves per day which we pick and put inside her cage but if they go whisened she wont eat them so Tat has had the idea to make little bamboo vases around her nclosure that we can fill with water and keep the leaves fresh. Yesterday we started sawing and drilling the bamboo and wired it it her enclosure. Hopefully it will work. In the evening Chelsea finished the last of the adoption pack information as we are presenting it to Joe tomorrow.

Today has been an eventful day. Chelsea has been on cubs all day and took a new volunteer, Megan down as she is leaving soon and she wanted to do it one last time. She had a lovely morning. Latte didn’t want to walk this morning and had to be picked up several times but after five minutes Tat was bounding down the road with Chelsea running after her on the lead. They had their morning feed and Chelsea and Megan spent a lot of time in the enclosures with them. Tat is used to people only going in when she is being fed or played with so is really active every time she hears the enclosure gate open. This is really dangerous so today Chelsea and Megan have been going in as much as possible to get her used to people being in there just to be in there. It was nice and after a while she calmed down and they sat stroking her while she drifted off to sleep. Latte has been crazy all day, jumping around, biting and just being really excited. We managed to go in and get some paw prints off Latte and Megan kept them as a beautiful souvenir. Tat has been really scared of the paper and paint lately but we decided to try her and she was ok so Megan got to take home a paw print of Tats foot as well. It was a really nice morning and Chelsea also started the training with Tat. It is only the first stage so all you do is click and feed chunks of meat but she enjoyed it as it was totally different to her usual routine. Liam worked on Buddies little bird box with Ned and it looks really cute.

At lunch we had a meeting with Joe and we presented our adoption idea. We think he likes it and he has taken it to show his father, the big boss. He had never heard of it before but we explained that this happens in every zoo in England. In the meeting he also said that we could stay on as staff. We can now stay at the safari for free for as long as we want which is really nice of him. We are not sure how long we are staying but we are going to stay as long as we are enjoying it.

In the evening there was a surprise party for us to celebrate. Well it was meant to be a surprise but Toy asked Chelsea if the party was at the tree house of at our houses so it was given away a little bit. We had slushies and we had damper again which was gorgeous. It is little spirals of dough baked on the fire and covered in butter or honey. They were lovely and everyone came.

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Glad you are both ok you're never going to leave the safari just take care and remember the animals are wild sounds like its party time every day keep safe love and miss you loads Nan and Grandad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

by Nan and Grandad

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