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Last day tour of Kuala Lumpur.

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Today we had a lye in and then decided to try and see the remaining sights of the city. We called for some water because it was seriously hot today and then went to fuel up at a hawker station in China town. Chelsea had chicken and rice, and Liam had char siew pork and rice. Both came with a chilli dip and a watery broth. We ordered two coffees expecting to get the sweet stuff with condensed milk in that we have come to secretly love but instead we got plain super strong black coffee which was actually quite nice.

We then set off in search of some temples, we first came to a Hindu temple, Sri Mahamariamman Temple. It is one of the oldest Hindu temples in KL and has a tall tower with hundreds of colourful sculptures of Hindu gods. Outside the temple there were several makeshift stalls selling fresh flowers threaded onto strings and candles for worshipers to offer inside the temple. A tour bus then arrived full of visitors with cameras in hand so we moved on.


Next we came to the Buddhist Sze Ya Temple, Which was extremely busy with worshipers as it was Sunday. Inside the place was filled with scented smoke from the vast amount of insense sticks that people were using to pray. Lots of people were walking around the temple whilst waving the sticks and praying. In the doorway there we could see dozens coil lanterns with cards in the middle that we're wrote on, we think they were prayer's but we are not sure.


We then made our way further uptown to see a mosque, Masjid Jamek. It is supposed to be one of KL most picturesque mosque's, sat among palm trees in the middle of the city. Unfortunately there must be some renovation going on at the minute as it was surronded by solid metal fencing not letting anyone in. We had to settle for a few snaps from a distance.

Our next stop was the National Mosque, Masjid Negara, one of Southeast Asia's largest. It was a fifteen minute walk in the opposite direction and once we got there after tackling several main roads, we were a little disappointed. The Mosque is large but we expected it to be grand and very ornate, instead in covers a large ground area and apart from sitting in a large courtyard and a large turquoise 18 point star dome, it is underwhelming. On the sign entering the mosque it explained that the building was originally built to house archiving but was then renovated into a mosque. We imagine that inside it would be beautiful but at the time we turned up it was closed to non-Muslim tourists.

Across the road from here there is the old train station for KL. A impressive building made up of Islamic arches and spires. It is attached to the present day train station and there's now a hotel within it. There is some amazing Islamic architecture around this area of KL and it was well worth the walk.

To get away from the traffic when then ventured into a large park area that contains an aviary, orchard garden, butterfly house, lake gardens and several museums. We got a drink, plum and lime which we both hated. It must have been sour plum and lime because it was extrememly sweet but somehow also really salty and neither if us could drink it. We walked around for a while until we could not take the heat anymore and went into the the orchard garden. The orchard garden was beautiful and relaxing and there is a vast amount of different orchids on show and a gift shop where you can buy your own. We had a stroll around and sat on a bench watching a group of young people take photos of each other posed in front of different types of flowers.

We then walked back through the busy streets to our guest house. After walking fifteen minutes in the city when you are wearing suntan cream and insect repellent you are like a dirt magnet. Your legs and feet become grey as the dirt sticks to you so we were desperate for a shower.

Tonight we decided to celebrate our last night in KL by visiting the Skybar. It was slightly raining when we left our guesthouse but after ten minutes we were caught in a serious downpour. We had to take cover for at least twenty minutes hoping it would clear, but it just seem to get worst. When there was finally slight ease up, Liam ran to the nearest shop to purchase an umbrella, while Chlesea waited under cover. By the time Liam bought the umbrella and come back it had stopped raining.

On the way to the skybar we called at a street that we had been told was good for street food, Jalan Alor. It is in the Golden Triangle area that we visited the other day We were a little disappointed by the street as it has become commercialised for tourists. We both had mediocre noodle dishes.

We then carried onto the Skybar. The Skybar is floor 33 of the Traders Hotel that sits opposite the Petronas Towers. An exclusive bar with a beautiful view. The bar has a swimming pool in the middle and booths round the outside overlooking the skyline. All the window seats when we arrived were reserved or taken, so we sat near the bar and ordered our drinks, a beer and a Tom Collins cocktail. After ten minutes we were asked whether we wanted to move near the window and got a perfect seat with a spectacular view, which was really lucky. We sat for ages sipping our drinks and admiring the view.


We both agreed we would much rather have come to the Skybar that have gone up the Petronas Towers, since form the Skybar we can actually see the towers themselves. The bar itself had a relaxed atmosphere and was really glitzy,a real luxury and the perfect way to end our trip to KL, and the best night we have had so far. None of the guidebooks we have bought mentiion this bar, probably due to budget, but we would urge any visitors to KL to see it for themselves, it is truely amazing.

We have decided that we are not really good at backpacking as we like our luxuries too much, that being said we are managing to keep to budget.

Tomorrow we have finally decided that we will go to the Cameron Highlands for three nights, more or less half way between KL and Penang the Cameron Highlands is a hill station further inland. Slighty more rural we are hoing to see some tea plantations and maybe go on a couple of small treks through the jungle.

P.S. We enjoyed skyping Auntie Shelley and Cat tonight, and will Liams mum please check her email haha.

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Hi ya C & L was absolutely brill seeing u today lve ya, those flowers look beautiful and the patronas towers..... My gudness they r gobsmakkin ! ere dnt 4get, get a little man 2 carry yr bags ( is Liam busy ha ha ) hey hey ! Cant wait for the nxt beautiful explanation of yr day lve C & S xxxxxxxxxxxx

by chris & shell

Hiya, what a view of the Petronas Towers wow. Liam your uncle steve asked if you had been up the towers. I purchased a large map of the area your travelling in today which is going on the wall in the spare bedroom so i can plot with the aid of small stickers exactly where you have been. make the most of the luxury while you can i'm sure you will have to rough it a bit more in the months to come lol. glad you've found somewhere for the next few days sounds as though your more adventurous side is coming out. ok bye for now love ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



WOW. your pics look amazing, sounds like you have had a real good time in the skybar. Glad you saw a couple of temples in kuala lumpa too. I bet you cant wait for Cameron Highlands and a slower pace and to get away from the dirt sticking to ya suntan lotion lol. Dont forget to try some differant tea's while your there. Have a safe journey tomorrow (try and stay awake) hahaha.
Missing you loads and love you loads more xxxxx mum and dad xxxxx

by bev

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