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A Few Days Relaxing

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Saturday was a little different than usual for the both of us. In the morning Liam cleaned out the leopards for a change and then asked to go with Danni to see the safari park night enclosures. She has been going for a week or so, checking the conditions and if all the cats are on rotation and take a turn out on the safari. They can’t all be let out at once because there are too many and some of them fight, cats in the wild are mainly solitary, but each cat should take a turn out of the night enclosure on safari. Liam saw the leopards, which we honestly have too many of, then the lioness who has been kept out of the safari for a few days as we think she is about to give birth to cubs. Lastly we saw the tigers. There is one tiger called Diamond who is huge and amazing. He makes Blue at the front look small it was crazy been three feet away from such a huge animal and he was so calm and just watched us. Unfortunately though Danni has noticed that they do not all get to go out on safari. Another problem for us to work on.

The rest of the day Liam was on cubs with Dan. It was his last day so similar to Chelsea yesterday, Liam got him making paw print and even a 3D cast for him to take away, he got to feed all the cubs and even got to hand feed Blue, nervously putting chicken directly in his mouth. Chelsea had the different job of sterilising the common room with Tat as two of our dogs, Scruff and Deedee, have had operations to stop them having any more pups. We currently have seven dogs and it is a mad house. Chelsea’s main responsibility was to help Scruff with his recovery, he is really feeling sorry for himself so Chelsea spent the day just sitting with him and stroking him.

We had a treat for lunch; the kitchen staff showed the team how to make papaya salad. They prepped all the ingredients and then taught us. It was great, we had a pestle and mortar and threw in chillies, garlic, papaya, peanuts, lime juice, tomatoes, palm sugar and fish sauce and smashed it all together. Served with deep fried chicken and sticky rice it was delicious.

As we are staying on for free for longer we decided this weekend to have a couple of days off. We managed to get Sunday off with Danni and Adam so went from work on Saturday night into Kanchanaburi. It took a couple of attempts to get a guesthouse but once we were checked in we went straight out. We had pizza together for tea and Adam used to make pizzas for a living so asked the Thai lady if he could make the pizza we ordered. Chelsea wanted to help so Adam taught her, she made the whole pizza from scratch and then we ate it. It was really good and Chelsea loved it. We stayed out drinking until Liam was too drunk and said he had to go back. Overall it was a great night.

A long lay in helped with the hangovers and we were out for breakfast around 11am. We changed to our favourite guesthouse as they now had rooms and sat by the pool all day. Adam was really hungover and did not surface until 4pm but Danni and us relaxed and had a few beers. It was another of the volunteer’s birthday today so we met up with him and his friends and some of the team to celebrate. We all went for steak for dinner and then for drinks.

Monday Danni and Adam went back to Safari but we had the day off so sat around the pool again. It was really hot though so it was shade only for long parts. We left around 3pm and fitted in another pizza as it will be a while until we have another, and then made our way back. Our days off have been fun, we have spent a lot more than we should have but it was worth it. Our next days off will probably be just the two of us though so we can take it a little easier.

When we got back to the safari around dinner time, Tat and Ned had organised a BBQ for the team. We have spicy and lemongrass chicken, more damper, ribs, and red snapper. It was really good and made a change to the sometimes terrible Thai food we get at safari. We have not decided how long we will stay here for, we need to sort some things out. Our visa ends on 17th May so we will need to do a visa run to stay longer than that. That will mean a week somewhere outside Thailand, currently we are thinking Bali but we could go anywhere, Indonesia? Philippines? Laos?

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Hi you too glad to hear that you can stay for free at the safari and as long as you are enjoying it you should. You still have plenty of time to do more travelling and if you are still there when I come see you I would love to see all you have done, but if you leave before then no problem I will come wherever you are.
The New Year celebrations sounded crazy but glad you could get time off to enjoy it.
Well take care hope to see you soon and skype sooner.

Love dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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