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Two more weeks in paradise.

all seasons in one day 34 °C

Since our last post we are still enjoying waking up to a stunning view every morning.


The weather on the South coast has been erratic at the least and we have had some huge storms. The thunder is so loud you can feel it booming in your chest and the lightning lights up our whole beach hut. One morning after a particularly bad storm we woke up to severe damage further down the beach where half the sand had been washed away to reveal foundations more than five foot high.


These have been sporadic however and we have had some days lovely sunshine and others overcast and drizzly. In between this Chelsea had her second surf lesson and did a lot better, standing up most times. Liam went out on his own while Chelsea was having her lesson and the current was super strong again. By the time we had been surfing for an hour we were seriously Knackered and it took two days to recover. We have been surfing since, both on our own and are slowly getting better. We have to wait for good weather because, rainy and its too rough and sunny and we get crozzled by the sun, it has to be dull so we have been going late afternoon when the suns heat dies down. We are hoping to go a few more times before we leave.

Chelsea has enjoyed the appearance of a new puppy next door to our hut that wandered out and then wouldn't leave us alone and sat at the bottom of our steps and didn't want to leave.


We also heard from our guesthouse that further down the beach is a good snorkel spot as it is calmer so we decided to go on an explore. It is very quiet and we walked a few coves on.


Right at the end of our beach there is an island that you can wade out to and climb.


There are sea breaks protecting more upmarket resorts which were covered in crabs.


On route we picked up a new friend in the form of a dog who started walking with us. She walked with us the whole way and when we finally reached the snorkel spot two coves on we went to explore and she sat and waited. We didn't snorkel as it was too overcast but decided to go back when it was sunnier. On the walk back she was still sat there and she rejoined us for the walk back to Mirissa beach.


The coves further on are devoid of tourists sunbathing or swimming and there were a lot of friendly locals enjoying the sea. The beach was lined with thin and colourful fishing boats nestled between the palm trees.


We have also tried bodyboarding as it is very popular on our beach and we have be watching people for weeks.we rented a boad from a nearby guesthouse for 200rs and had a go.


Chelsea absolutely loved it and we had loads of fun with it, especially when Chelsea caught a huge wave that took her right in and beached her. We will defiantly be doing more bodyboarding before we leave.


The last few days have been amazing weather and w have enjoyed laying in the sun and swimming. We decided to try our snorkel spot again and walked back down the beach. The beach a few coves on is covered in broken shell and bits of white coral it is beautiful.


The rental place only had one mask left so we had to take it in turns. There is a sea break so the whole cove has no big waves and is calm and deep.


Liam went first while Chelsea laid on the sand and waited...... He didn't sea anything except rocks and sand.


Chelsea went next and Liam swam with her. She saw some sea grass..... and some rocks and sand.


On the surface however she saw what looked like a dorsal fin to which we both promptly almost pood our pants and ran out. The splashing we made would hundred percent have attracted a shark if there was one but when we got out we saw in two more times and decided it was a big turtle head and Liam went back in to see if he could find it. He didn't see anything new except a big lobster but we had fun and might go back for another try.

On the walk back running around the broken shells and coral were tiny hermit crabs which we enjoyed watching.


We have around one more week on the beach before we head off to explore more of Sri-Lanka. We are planning on enjoying some more surfing and bodyboarding, swimming and relaxing in the sun.

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The photos are amazing you both look happy and healthy but who wouldn't in the same surroundings it really does look like paradise make the most of it.Love and miss you both from Nan and G xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

by Nan and Grandad

Only 1 more week left in your little paradise, I bet you don't want to leave, I know I wouldn't. You both look so tanned and so well, beach life must be suiting you.
Your new little friends are so cute, and your photos are truly amazing, I'm so jealous lol. Love the bit about the Shark actually being a Turtle haha.
Hope you have a really good last week at the beach.

Love you both and miss you

xxxxxxxxxx mum and dad xxxxxxxxxx

by Bev

Hi guys u both look really well xx just b really careful with those dorsal fins !!!!! Not long now b4 we c u hey hey, be gud & look afta yrslfs xxx u keep finding sum lvly little doggie friends (is it cos u smell lol (only kiddin) say hello 2 the puppy 4 us woof woof woof xxxx lve u 2 much lve thingybob & wots his face xxxx

by chris & shell

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