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Bangkok to Kanchanaburi and the bridge over the River Kwai

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We checked out of our guest house early this morning and went for some breakfast at a nearby street stall before we made the journey to our next destination. We had researched the bus to Kanchanaburi and knew it went from Bangkok’s southern bus terminal so we got bus number 511 from near Khao San road to the station. The bus to Kanchanaburi leaves every 20 minutes from Bangkok and there are differing services depending on what bus you get. Bus 81 is the bus you need and we think the earlier you get it the more expensive it is and if you wait till later it becomes cheaper. We got it at 10.40am and it cost 110 baht. The bus was really nice and we got complimentary water and a soundtrack of Beegees covers in the background which made us laugh. It took around 3 hours to get there but we bought a packet of crème-os (fake Oreos) in case we got peckish (we ate the whole pack).

The bus drops you off at the bus station which is a few kilometre out from the main strip so we got a motorcycle taxi (with a side car) to take us to the guest house we had in mind. We are staying in Sugar Cane 1 Guest house for 300 baht (£6) a night but we didn’t get the cheapest rooms as we fancied hot water showers. The rooms are raft rooms which are built in clusters on a floating raft on the river Kwai so the views from our door are lovely. We can see down the river and there are lots of water lilies. The guest house has a café which overlooks the river and we sat and had a lemon ice tea and admired the views after checking in. There is no shortage of places to stay in Kanchanuburi and cheap rooms are easily found.


After cooling off at the bar and settling in we decided to go on a walk to find the bridge over the river Kwai. On our map it looked like a five minute walk but it took quite a while and the sun was still really hot. We are surprised by how built up the town is, there are lots of bars and restaurants and loads of people visiting. When we arrived at the bridge it was very busy with a tour bus full of Thai visitors. They have built a whole area near the bridge where you can buy souvenirs and jewellery but it is extremely busy. We walked over the bridge and took some photos of the bridge and river and then called at a street vendor for a snack. We both had a homemade BBQ’d sausage on a stick that was really nice and was flavoured with lemongrass. Chelsea thought it would have been better on a bread roll with cheese though (you can take the girl out of Yorkshire…..).


We walked back to our raft room calling at a few book shops on the way and unpacked our bags and had showers. The main strip is full of places to eat and bars playing music so we walked a little further on and saw a sign that said Home Food. We walked over and it literally was someone that had opened up their home as a restaurant and put some tables outside. The food was really cheap and looked good so we sat down. The man and lady that served us were extremely nice and we both had chilli dishes with rice, Chelsea had squid and shrimp and Liam had pork. It was delicious and cost 115 baht (£2.30) for two meals and beers. The table opposite was quite large so when they ordered their drinks the lady had to walk over to the shop and buy six cokes.

On the side of the street they have these makeshift bars that are just set up with a bar and a few benches and tables. We saw a bar that was called ‘Get drunk for 10 baht’ so sat down. Whiskey and a mixer was just 10 baht (20p) so we decided to try it but you can have a range of other spirits for the same price. We sat at the bar and chatted to some Canadian girls listening to a loud slightly drunk Czech man complain about English accents. When he asked us where we were from we said England and he quickly changed his story and everyone laughed at him including us. The bar was quite busy to say it is just a small place on the road and a cat befriended Liam and sat on his knee while he stroked it like Dr Evil. The seats are made of big paint tubs and the table was just a plank of wood. After 5 drinks each we had spent £2 and it was time to go home.

We have decided to try and rent bicycles tomorrow to explore the town and maybe go to the war memorial and museum.

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Hello again you two, just looked at all your latest photos of Bangkok, they are great especially the night time ones from the sky bar.
Latest journey seemed to go a lot easier than previous ones lol. Very envious of all the places you have been and sights you have seen.
Glad all went ok with the dollars and visa but keeping them notes crisp for a month ????? good luck lol
Enjoy kanchanaburi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Love Dad


Im so glad you journey went without a hitch and you got to ride in a side car chelsea lol. Thats another one you can tick off your list hahaha.
The raft rooms look brilliant (im so jealous) I hope you enjoy it here, im sure you both will. Im happy to hear that its cheaper than Bangkok here with food from someones house and 20p a drink from the bar.
Dont go shaving your head Liam lol
Enjoy the bike ride tomorrow
Keep safe, love and miss you
xxxxx mum & dad xxxxx

by bev

Hi guys, glad yr trip was gud, yr raft luks gud an all, wey hey, nice 2 relax int it, think of me wen im walking 2 wrk in the snow 2moz! Brrrrr, the bridge ova the river kwai wow, cud imagine u 2 lettin all the animals go lol, the view from the roof top bar looks amazing, enjoy enjoy enjoy & b safe in jesus name lve u both lve c & s xxxxxx tomoz we will look like eskimos ha ha ( little round 1s xxxx

by chris & shell

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