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Day 18 Volunteering

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Today has been quite stressful. Tat and Ned, the volunteer programme organisers went into town last night to have a full day off today. We got up at 6.15 to start preparing the monkey food. Twice a day this gets weighed out and logged and each individual monkey has specific amounts and types of fruit or veg they can’t have at all, or can only have at certain times of the day. We weighed and recorded the monkey food and prepared the leopards vitamins in chicken breasts and went down to the cages only to find that we didn’t have the keys. These were in town with Tat and Ned. Sanapong, the monkey keeper has keys for some of the animals so we were able to clean a few enclosures but the rest we had to feed through the bars.

Chelsea took Danny, the new volunteer to walk the tiger cubs this morning. Danny is quite experienced in big cats so her role whilst at the park is to improve the situation for the tigers, leopards and lions, especially Blue and Hang Heng the tigers that get chained to the table and Lucky and Neptune the leopards that get chained to the table in town. The cubs this morning were gorgeous, they were happy and running on the leads and chuffing to say hello. It is lovely when they are so affectionate. Chelsea and Danny prepped the cubs enclosures and fed them all their morning feed. In a morning we have to check all the hay in the enclosure for poisonous centipedes and scorpions and check none of it is wet and replace any that is old.

Liam took the other new volunteer, Adam for breakfast and showed him all the forms we complete daily to track the activity of the monkeys. Basically we talk in detail about the different monkeys poo. From there Adam went to the cages to clean up all the back area as it is overgrown and full of rubbish and tools. Liam came back to the cubs to help out as it been Chinese New Year we expected a lot of customers.

We did get a lot but not at the cubs, at the monkeys and they are an absolute nightmare. Liam made regular trips down to the monkeys to check on Adam, scatter seeds in the monkeys enclosures and give them their daily cod liver oil. Each time he came across tourists feeding the monkeys ice creams or crisps, trying to hold the monkeys hand and one idiot was even shaking King Kongs cage. Staying down there to constantly watch and tell off the tourists made every five minute job take almost an hour.

Chelsea spent her day looking after the cubs until they went back at 4pm. Then we had to start with the evening feed. Same as before everything gets measured out and logged so it took us a while but the monkeys were fed by around 5.30pm. That gave us enough time to get sorted before English.

We had a smaller group than normal, 7 kids and two adults so after our usual recap we taught them all about heath and how to say ‘my arm hurts’ or ‘I have a cough’ etc . They were eager as usual and we expanded it into more complete sentences for the adults. We then capped it off with a game where every stands in a circle and ask a person in the middle ‘Are you ok?’ and then person in the middle says ‘ No, I have hurt my…’ then everyone chases that person with the aim of touching which every body part they said. It was fun and the kids love running around.

We had planned to go in Kanchanaburi to meet up with Tat and Ned and go out a bit for Chinese New Year but we were too tired by the time we had finished English class. The other two had been to Tesco’s while we taught and they came back with a few beers so we sat, talked and had a drink, before we knew it we had moved onto the gin and then the rum and was a little tipsy by the time we called it a night t at 1.30 am. Not great when we have to get up at 6.05am to prepare the monkey feed……

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Hi sweeties. Your day sounds really busy, and stressful. Glad that English class went well but sorry to hear that you didn't make it to Kanchanaburi for the New Year celebrations.
Sounds like you had a little party of your own though lol.
Love and kisses xxxxxx mum & dad xxxxxx

by bev

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