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Day 23 Volunteering

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Chelsea was especially happy this morning as she got to go back on the zebras and giraffes. She took the newest volunteer down to meet Lung Noi and show her the ropes. She has not had the chance to do it for a while as the volunteer numbers have been down so she absolutely loved it. Feeding them is a really calm and quiet process so it’s a gorgeous way to spend the morning. Liam joined everyone else for the monkey clean up. Chelsea was only back from the giraffes about twenty minutes when she went to walk the tiger cubs. She went on her own to meet up with Toy and walked the tigers through the zoo to their daytime enclosure. It is the first time she has gone alone and the cubs are really relaxed with her now. Getting them out and on their leads was smooth and the cubs were happy and playing all the way.

After breakfast Chelsea stayed with the cubs. She fed them and made up their enclosures and showered them. The tigers let her pick them up and have really bonded with both of us now. To shower them we take them onto a patio area and use a hose pipe and some special shampoo. They absolutely love having the shampoo rubbed in and love how cool the water is. They look amazingly cute all wet.


The leopards were extremely playful today and Chelsea got malled stopping them from biting and scratching customers. It is worth it though when they jump on your lap for a cuddle and a sleep.

Liam was given the task of finishing some monkey toys for when we move the two gibbons, Mango and Chutney, next to each other. The plan is to hopefully move them tomorrow; they have never seen each other although they do sing to each other in the evenings which is amazing. The reason for the toys is to keep them preoccupied so they are not so aware of each other. Each gibbon has to have exactly the same content in the enclosure so they don’t get ‘jealous’ of what the other monkey has. Liam made a trapeze that reflects a trapeze that Chelsea made a week ago; they are around a foot and a half long and 4 inches in diameter. We will drill holes in them and fill them with different smelling foods. Liam then made a pair of giant trapezes for the centre of the cages that the monkeys can sit on but still look at each other without being in touching distance.

That took us up to lunch. Chelsea remained with the cubs and Liam got the chance to go on another elephant ride. He took the new volunteer up to the elephant show, where we can ride them back into the jungle after they have performed. Today Liam rode on the largest of them, the 50 year old male. He is an amazing animal, and is terrifying to ride. The mahout drove alongside on his scooter barking commands to keep the elephant in check. This works until something the elephant wants to eat appears and he wanders off and you have to wait until he has finished before carrying on. The elephant is so large that on one part of the park you do under a building and in order to fit Liam had to lay down flat on the elephants back. Nothing compares to riding an elephant, even with no river on this occasion it is still an amazing experience that we both hope to repeat before we leave.


We had another English lesson today but we had a problem as the internet has been down all day so we have been unable to get any new resources. We decided to recap over the subjects we have taught so far as there is plenty for the kids to remember. We must be doing a good job though as most of them do remember the words. Chelsea sat with the adults Nancy and Toy and taught them question words whilst it was Liam’s turn to entertain the kids. They played their favourite games and sang the Hokey Cokey of which some of the kids now know the all the words for. There is one little girl who is has only been to two lessons now, she is adorable, but she cannot remember Liam’s name. She now calls him seleam (not sure of spelling) which means square in Thai. All the rest of them find this hilarious. She is Ok remembering Chelsea’s name she says due to the football team.

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Hello again. You are so lucky to be doing all this volunteering work. I know its hard work but ,wow, what an experience your both having. Thank you for taking the time to tell us all about it. It's such a treat to read about your lovely days with all the different animals. Enjoy it, you deserve every bit of it.
Love and kisses always and always
xxxxxxxxxx mum & dad xxxxxxxxxx

by bev

Hi ya guys how ya doin' seams like its been a while dunt it, hope u both gud tho, hey up hows square ha ha ha ha we lve it xxxx bless that little girl she sounds lvly xxx u guys r so brave (layin with Blue & riding the largest efilump, my goodness)cant wait to see more picies please xxx u 2 r so gud with evrithin u put yr hand 2, Gowd bless ya, we still prayin 4 u and lve lve lve u both xxxxx

Two muffins are in the oven.
One says to the other "Wow it's hot in here"
The other one replies "Oh no... It's a talking muffin"
hey hey lve ya chris & shell xxxx

by chris and shell

What a way to spend a day feeding Giraffes and Zebras,and then to go on to shampoo the cubs .hope your next adventure is as full filing as this one keep safe and happy lots of love Nan and Grandad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

by Nan and Grandad

Just another note had to look up what aCassowary was what an amazing bird it was amazing the Sun bear was also love nan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

by Nan and Grandad

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