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Shopping in Bangkok

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We got up this morning and had a few cups of coffee downstairs in our hotel before we headed out. We set of walking to Siam Square. It is quite a long walk and we asked a few tuk-tuk drivers on the way but they all wanted to either overcharge us or give us a cheap fare with a 'stop off', meaning they wanted to take us to a friends shop to push us into buying something they would them get commission on. We declined and walked which wasn't that bad.

We went into the big MBK shopping mall first and browsed some shops. Chelsea bought a few T-shirts. When she has got them home one of them however is different to the one she picked and a lot smaller so is no good. It is like a crop top on her, but it was only £2. We decided to go to the cinema today as well so bought our ticket for the afternoon showing giving us more than three hours to shop, which obviously Liam was ecstatic about.

We spent a while in MBK and then ventured outside to some of the smaller, boutique style shops for a look around. Our favourite iced chocolate drink stall was not there today so we went inside a shake shop and had a mocha shake which was yummy. The area around Siam Square is a shoppers paradise, it is full of really small unique, boutique style shops, hairdressers and electrical shops. It is all very fashionable. Liam managed to find a quirky jewellers that sold plugs as he has managed to lose one of his plugs at the safari and has been swapping one earring between two ears for a few weeks.

We then went into the Siam Cente. This is another mall but it is beautiful. It is hard to describe the interior but every shop has quirky fixings and all the fixings within the mall such as light fittings, chairs and windows are like art installations. Every shop is like nothing you have seen and all the restaurants inside look expensive a quirky and there is art on the mall walls. It is lovely just to look around even if you don't want to buy anything.

Chelsea had a look around and spent some of the money she got for her birthday buying three nice dresses from a shop called workshop. If we had more money to spend on clothes it would be difficult to get her out. It is Chelsea's favourite mall she has ever been. After browsing around the
Siam Centre for a few hours we then went to the Siam Paragon mall. This mall is full of the top designer brands, Dior, Chanel, YSL, Maserratti, Fendi and hundreds more. It is like another world and we walked around looking at all the expensive clothes, jewellery, cars, shoes and handbags in the mall for a while. Each mall in Bangkok has a particular type of shop, there is one for cheap clothes, one for fashionable items and one for designer items. The whole area where the malls are is quite up market and there is fountains and clean streets.

By this point it was nearing the time our film stated so we headed back to the MBK mall for the seventh floor where the cinema is. We decided to watch Die Hard five and got lost in another world while we were in there, both forgetting we were in Bangkok for a few hours. We really enjoyed our slice of normality, shopping and going to the cinema and the day has flown by.

It was quite late after we walked back so we decided to go for some tea on the way home as we were really hungry. We went to a street stall near the train station and Chelsea has crispy pork and rice and Liam had noddles with black sauce and chicken and we shared a beer. Street food is always delicious and is always really cheap and often the surprise of what you will end up with is most of the fun.

We lingered over our food and had a few beers and then walked home. We sat in our communal area and watched We Were Soldiers before packing ready for our flight tomorrow morning. We are really excited and nervous for Myanmar tomorrow.

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Hello you two, the shops sound fantastic glad you have had a bit of retail therapy .You both sound a little unsure about your trip to Myanmar I'm sure everything will be ok once you get into the swing of things.Just take extra care and look after each other ,thinking about you , lots of love as always special hugs and kisses to you both love Nan and Grandad xxxxxxxxxxxx

by Nan and Grandad

Shopping all day lol. Bet that was great fun for Liam but glad you got some nice things with your birthday money Chels xx. The shopping malls sound amazing. Hope you have a good flight tomorrow morning and all goes well for Myanmar.
Love as always xxxxxxxxxxx mum & dad xxxxxxxxxxxx

by bev

Good evening guys hpe yr both well (sounding gud) we're exited and nervous for u now!!! wierd int it! u will be fine, just be wise & thoroughly enjoy, glad u got sum nice stuff Chels xxxxx it'll b yr turn soon Liam hey hey, then u can take Chels up hill & down dale hey hey to all yr fave shops xxx but dont buy any dresses tho lol xxx lve lve lve u both xxx lve C & S xxx

Q: What do you call an alligator in a vest?
A: An Investigator
ha ha ha xxxx

by Chris & Shell

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