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Recovering in Yangon

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After yesterdays impromptu drinking session, this morning was a complete right off. Liam was fine but Chelsea was unable to move. This continued until Liam had had enough and managed to drag her outside around 12.30pm.

We just went for a nice walk to see what was about and grab some lunch before we had to go pick up our Thai visas we applied for yesterday. All was going well until Chelsea was suddenly overcome with nausea and threw up in the street. Luckily being in Yangonn you could hardly notice and she also felt a lot better immediately. She still however was not at the eating stage so Liam bought her a nice fresh watermelon from a street stall for her to eat. There are a lot of fruit stalls on the street and you can either buy the fruit to take home by the kilo of you can buy it cut up andput in a little bag to eat there and then.


Liam then called into another local restaurant and ordered blindly off the menu. He was pleasently surprised when he received his meal, it was noodles with some lightly curried meat with a bit of a sauce and some bashed up niuts sprinkled over the top. It was very good. Chelsea also managed to eat half a naan bread and the whole meal cost 1400k, less than £2 including unlimited tea which we both love. The tea here is amazing and you can just keep refilling your teacup from the kettle in the middle of your table.

From there we got a taxi ride to the Thai embassy to collect our visa and had no problems. We came straight back to the room after as Chelsea was still not right. We decided to organise a couple of errands whilst we were back so bought our over night bus journey to Bagan which we will take tomorrow night and also changed more money. We are paying a lot more in Kyat than we thought we would be so decided to change another two hundred dollars. The down side of this is we now have a carrier bag full of money that we will have to transport to Bagan. Kyat is also awful money, one the money is mostly in a terrible condition and filthy and secondly the bills are all the same size no matter if it 100 or 1000, and they look more or less exactly the same, so you have to treble check each note every time you pay for something.

Tonight we decided to go out for an Indian. There was a restaurant we tried to find on our first night but couldn't but our friends yesterday told us where it was and today we managed to find it. The walk there is about 20 minutes and is complete madness. There are so many people and every square inch of the path is taken up by a stall selling food, sugar came juice, weird snacks, mobile phones, clothes, fruit and veg, it is bedlam.


It can be overwhelming but it is also very entertaining trying to work out what things are and we seem to be just as much of an attraction to them as we are constantly stared at, but the people are all nice and smile and say hello. It is really refreshing. There are a lot of Betel leaf vendors, they use the leaf and fill it with several different pots and chew on it like tobacco. It turns all their teeth red and is very popular.


On the way we bought 4 street snacks from a lady who was making them right on the side of the road. We got two things that looked like spring rolls but had something inside we couldn't recognise and the other ones were what tasted like a fried ball of either cous-cous or semolina with herbs and spices inside. They were gorgeous and she gave us some chilli dip. The street snacks are 100K for two items and they all look yummy. It's hard to resist them when you are walking past them all the time.

The restaurant was amazing once we found it. We got a Thali with rice and five different vegetable curries as well as the main curry that we ordered. Chelsea had chicken (which to be fair looked more like a sparrow leg) and Liam had mutton which just fell off the bone. We both enjoyed it immensely and the huge portions went down a treat. Chelsea could only eat about half of hers but if you manage to finish it they come round and top it up for you for free.

By the time we walked back it was dark. We walked past the Paya in the centre on Yangon and stood on overpass taking photos of it light up gold with all the traffic as it looked beautiful.


The walk back was even crazier than the way there. There were hundreds of people out and we were walking single file down a ten foot wide path due to all the vendors. We walked on the opposite side of the road this time and came across a huge night market selling fresh flowers, another selling fruit and veg and then some more selling fish and seafood. They just lay it all out on the floor on large bamboo plates.


We were approached by a young man asking us if we had any spare time to talk to him so he could practice his English. The people are so excited to talk to your, especially when they find out your from England. We chatted for a while and then carried on walking. Once we had navigated our way back we decided to go for a cold drink at a bar next door to our guesthouse. Cold drinks seem to be hard to come by but there are also a lot of power cuts so that could be why (we are averaging 4 a day). We sat and talked before coming back to the room.

It is our last night in Yangon tonight as we get the night bus to Bagan tomorrow. We get another full day in Yangon and we have loved our three days here so far. It is more expensive than we imagined, but definitely worth it. Coming to Yangon is like stepping back 20 years but we think that is a great thing. We are also really looking forward to Bagan. We have planned 4 nights there so we can take our time sight seeing and relax a bit as well.

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Hi sweeties. This place looks and sounds so busy with your descriptions and photo's, but sound as though you are having fun, or maybe a little too much Chelsea with throwing up in the street (classy bird) lol.
Hope you have a good day tomorrow and a very good journey to Bagan. Im so excited for you, it looks immence !!
Take care, love and kisses
xxxxxxxxx mum & dad xxxxxxxxxx

by Bev

Hi you two winos glad to se you are enjoying your long earned rest after the six to five job you've had for the last month I. Have loved the lovely photographs you have posted they are stunning the colours of the deep blue sky the gold and white of the Paya I would have a wonderful time with my new camera well keep us updated with your lovely pics love you two lots carry on enjoying every moment of your time bless you both Lots of love and hugs granddad xxxxxxxxxxxx

by Granddad

Hi ya guys glad u ad a gud time at the bar, wots appenin Chels yarpin in da street lol (deary me) hope u ok square (sry Liam just lve that name its so cute) u got sum amazin piccies gosh, wud lve to c the paya in real life WOW, av brill time & safe jrny 2 Bagan lve u guys too much, all our lve & lots of beer lve thingy bob & wots his face xxxxxxxxxx

by chris & shell

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