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Such a busy schedule on Ko Phayam....

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Today we woke up early in our hut, the birds were singing, as were the boys in the hut next door with a harmonica and a guitar.... well at least its a bit better than a LOUD prayer call outside our window. Our first night in our bamboo bungalow was better than expected but we both woke up several times when things were crawling inside/outside our roof (were not sure as it was pitch black). We were surprisingly cold last night in bed so we are going to use our sleeping bag liners we bought (for the first time) tonight, as the only blanket that is provded is about the same size as a tea towel.

We got up and went for breakfast in Hornbill Huts, Chelsea had a cheese omlette with homemade bread (she can't resist homemade bread) and Liam had Khaw Tom Moo, Kai, a sort of broth soup dish with rice, pork and vegetables, they were both yummy. We had some much needed coffee and then it was time to start our hectic schedule.

We walked to the shops just down the road and bought loads of insect repellent and a beach mat, as well as a mango lassi shake that we shared. We walked back along the beach to our hut and got our things for the beach. We then sat on the beach all day.


Yesterday someone bulit a sand castle, and last night Chelsea declared that it was poor and she wanted to build a better one. That was the main task of today. We sat on our mat and set about the task. We built a tower with a moat and used the mango lassi cup to make little houses. Liam then gave in and said it looked 'fine' as it was but Chelsea said she wanted to build a whole sand village. We sat in the sun reading and building, played and swam in the sea and then Liam went to lay in a hammock in the shade and read. Chelsea continued to build with a dog she had acquired until she called him over to finish the 'village walls'. Yes it become that ellaborate. After another swim in the sea the sun was starting to set and we made our way back to the hut. We sat on our veranda with a mosquito coil for a while reading and relaxing and then decided we better shower before it became dark as that might be scary. We are both scared of bugs and so dont like to use the lights in the hut to invite insect guests inside.


We got ready and had a walk down the beach at sunset which was gorgeous again. We went into King Paradise, another small bungalow resort further down the beach for some dinner. It has a lovely big wooden building with no side walls, just coloured fabric hung and lanterns. We picked a table with a view of the beach. Liam had a Thai red curry and Chelsea had a spicy squid glass noodle salad. They were both really really tasty and we had a large beer and stroked the big friendly (wet and sandy) dog they owned. We really enjoyed both the atmosphere of the place and our meals, we walked back down the beach back to our place and sat with a beer a wrote this.


Ko Phayam is the most relaxed and quiet place we have been. We were sceptical that the tourist boom in Thailand would have missed Ko Phayam but it truely has. It is mostly jungle and beach and has only a few very discreet and tasteful places to stay and eat lining the beaches and occasionally on the 'roads'. There are a handful of shops that sell only essentials and a few clothes. We love it, it is wonderful.

Our place borrows and rents out canoes, bikes and snorkle equipment so tomorrow we might try one of those, maybe see some other parts of the island... or we might just sit on the beach again.

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