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End of the Road 02.12.2013
Diving in hikkaduwa 29.11.2013
On the road to Hikkaduwa 21.11.2013
Cycling the vibrant streets of Jaffna. 18.11.2013
Snorkeling Pigeon Island, Nilaveli 14.11.2013
Exploring the East 11.11.2013
Exploring the new town of Anuradhapura 07.11.2013
The Ancient City of Anarudhapura 07.11.2013
Diving in Unawatuna 05.11.2013
Our last week in Mirissa 03.11.2013
Mirissa photoblog 24.10.2013
Our week in pictures, Mirissa 10.10.2013
Finding our new home in Mirissa 03.10.2013
An Update from Colombo 30.09.2013
The beach life in Unawatuna 27.09.2013
Sun, sea and the Search for Moby Dick in Mirissa 22.09.2013
Tropical Tangalle and Turtle watching at Rekawa Beach 20.09.2013
Strolling around Fort Galle, Sri Lanka 18.09.2013
Moving on to Galle 16.09.2013
Sigiriya and Minneriya National Park 13.09.2013
Exploring the Buddha Tooth Temple and the town of Kandy 12.09.2013
Kandy, Our Cool Hilltop Retreat. 10.09.2013
Our first Impressions of Sri Lanka and Negombo 10.09.2013
Our Southeast Asian Top Fives 10.09.2013
Exploring the Temples of Angkor Part II 04.09.2013
Giving blood in Seim Reap- The Angkor Children's Hospital 02.09.2013
Siem Reap and the Temples of Angkor by bicycle 02.09.2013
Island paradise in the monsoon season.... Wet in Koh Rong 31.08.2013
Sihanoukville & Koh Rong 26.08.2013
Some sights in Phnom Penh 24.08.2013
An interesting journey to Cambodia 23.08.2013
Three days in Saigon 21.08.2013
Relaxing in Mui Ne and arriving in Saigon 19.08.2013
A day visiting the Mui Ne Sand Dunes by Motorbike.. Amazing! 16.08.2013
Beach Time in Mui Ne Vietnam 15.08.2013
Not doing much in Nha Trang 13.08.2013
Leaving Hoi An, and onto Nha Trang 11.08.2013
Diving in Hoi An... Now we are certified open water divers!! 09.08.2013
Cooking School in Hoi An.... Hello Shrimp 04.08.2013
Day dreaming in Hoi An 03.08.2013
Hue to Hoi An 02.08.2013
Cycling, Eating and Drinking in Hue. 01.08.2013
The Forbiden City, the cuisine and the Citadel in Hue. 31.07.2013
Our last day in Hanoi 31.07.2013
Visiting Halong Bay........In the Rain 28.07.2013
Getting rained on in Hanoi 27.07.2013
Day One in Hanoi 26.07.2013
Nong Khiaw to Hanoi.... A long journey 25.07.2013
Nong Khiaw.... a bit of exploring.... but mostly relaxing 23.07.2013
Sleepy Nong Khiaw 19.07.2013
Luang Prabang, a fork in the road. 17.07.2013
A busy two days in Luang Prabang 14.07.2013
Recovering and Sightseeing in Luang Prabang 14.07.2013
Cooking course in Luang Prabang 09.07.2013
Exploring Luang Prabang 08.07.2013
Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang 07.07.2013
Tubing in Vang Vieng 05.07.2013
Relaxing and Wandering in Vang Vieng 04.07.2013
The second leg of our Adveture - Leaving the Safari 03.07.2013
Grahams Tour of Thailand 15.06.2013
Photoblog, last two weeks at Safari Park 04.06.2013
Last Days in Vientiane and back to Safari 21.05.2013
Wandering, eating and drinking in Vientiane 15.05.2013
Kanchanaburi to Bangkok to Vientiane 15.05.2013
All in a weeks work at the Safari 12.05.2013
Cub training at the safari. 04.05.2013
Cub Sitting at the Safari Park 30.04.2013
Building and cub watching at the safari. 27.04.2013
A Few Days Relaxing 22.04.2013
So we are staying a while longer at the safari..... 22.04.2013
River Swims, Parties and BBQ's at the Safari 16.04.2013
Adoption Packs, Cassowaries and Sunsets at the Safari 10.04.2013
Parties, Relaxing and a little work, at the Safari. 07.04.2013
Ups and downs at the safari 03.04.2013
A Weekend with the Big Cats at the Safari 01.04.2013
Campfires, monkeys and DIY. All in a days work at the safari 29.03.2013
Our first few days back at the Safari 27.03.2013
Back at the Safari 23.03.2013
Our little holiday in Kanchanaburi on our extended holiday. 23.03.2013
Planes, Taxis, a Minibus and a Motorcycle. 19.03.2013
Inle Lake back to Yangon.... Our last day in Myanmar 18.03.2013
Picnics, Cycling and Sunsets around Inle Lake 16.03.2013
Inle Lake by Boat 15.03.2013
Hsipaw to Inle Lake 14.03.2013
A lazy day in Hsipaw 14.03.2013
Pyin Oo Lwin to Hsipaw by Train 11.03.2013
Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin and the Kandawgyi Gardens 11.03.2013
Mandalay.... Walking the streets in midday heat. 07.03.2013
Arriving in Mandalay 06.03.2013
The slow paced side of Bagan 05.03.2013
Bagan by Horse & Cart 04.03.2013
Cycling around the dust plains of Bagan 03.03.2013
Welcome to Bagan 02.03.2013
Fun on the train in Yangon 01.03.2013
Recovering in Yangon 28.02.2013
Exploring Yangon's Sights 27.02.2013
We have arrived in Yangon Myanmar! 26.02.2013
Shopping in Bangkok 25.02.2013
Ayutthaya to Bangkok by train 24.02.2013
So laid back we are horizontal in Ayutthaya 23.02.2013
A Leisurely Day in Ayutthaya 22.02.2013
Leaving the safari 21.02.2013
Our last Day Volunteering 20.02.2013
Day 27 Volunteering 19.02.2013
Day 26 Volunteering 19.02.2013
Day 25 Volunteering 17.02.2013
Day 24 Volunteering 16.02.2013
Day 23 Volunteering 15.02.2013
Day 22 Volunteering 15.02.2013
Day 20 and 21 Volunteering 13.02.2013
Day 19 Volunteering 11.02.2013
Day 18 Volunteering 11.02.2013
Day 17 Volunteering 09.02.2013
Day 16 Volunteering 08.02.2013
Day 15 Volunteering 07.02.2013
Day 14 Volunteering 06.02.2013
Day 13 Volunteering 05.02.2013
Day 12 Voluteering 05.02.2013
Day 11 Volunteering 03.02.2013
Day 10 Volunteering 02.02.2013
Ninth Day Volunteering 01.02.2013
A Week into our Volunteering 01.02.2013
Seventh Day Volunteering 31.01.2013
Sixth Day Volunteering 29.01.2013
Fifth Day Volunteering 28.01.2013
Fourth Day Volunteering 27.01.2013
Third Day of Volunteering 27.01.2013
Day Two Volunteering 26.01.2013
First Day Volunteering 26.01.2013
Feeling the Heat on Hellfire Pass, Kanchanaburi 23.01.2013
Visiting Erawan waterfalls in Kanchanaburi 22.01.2013
Cycling around the sights of Kanchanaburi 21.01.2013
Bangkok to Kanchanaburi and the bridge over the River Kwai 20.01.2013
Flashing the cash in Bangkok 20.01.2013
Temples, malls and markets in Bangkok 18.01.2013
Liam wore a skirt in Bangkok 17.01.2013
China town in Bangkok... an assault on the senses. 16.01.2013
Sightseeing in Bangkok...'you want tuk tuk?' 15.01.2013
Ko Phayam to Bangkok....phew we are finally here 14.01.2013
Our Last Day on Ko Phayam 12.01.2013
Kayaking and capsizing on Ko Phayam 11.01.2013
An uneventful day on Ko Phayam 10.01.2013
An eventful day in Ko Phayam 09.01.2013
Beach Life and Reggae in Ko Phayam 09.01.2013
Such a busy schedule on Ko Phayam.... 07.01.2013
Welcome to Ko Phayam 06.01.2013
Krabi to Ranong by bus. 05.01.2013
A Day on the beaches of Krabi 04.01.2013
Exploring Krabi town. 02.01.2013
Langkawi to Satun...welcome to Thailand! 01.01.2013
Happy New Year from Langkawi! 31.12.2012
New years eve on Langkawi 31.12.2012
Our motorcycle tour of Langkawi 29.12.2012
Island hopping on Langkawi 28.12.2012
Langkawi... Beach, beach and more beach... And some sea. 27.12.2012
Lazing in Langkawi 26.12.2012
Boxing day, Journey to Langkawi 25.12.2012
All I want for Xmas is.... a scooter and a picnic in Penang 25.12.2012
Day five on Penang 24.12.2012
Relaxing in Penang 22.12.2012
Jungle trekking and Hindu dancing in Penang 21.12.2012
Doomsday in George Town, Penang 20.12.2012
Flashpacking in Penang. 19.12.2012
Last day in the Cameron Highlands....and more rain 19.12.2012
A Day of Tea and Rain in the Cameron Highlands 17.12.2012
Our Hilltop Retreat, the Cameron Highlands 16.12.2012
Last day tour of Kuala Lumpur. 15.12.2012
Kuala Lumpar, a Hindu Extravaganza 14.12.2012
Exploring Kuala Lumpur 13.12.2012
Nested in Kuala Lumpur 12.12.2012
Last day in Melaka 11.12.2012
Cycling the streets of Melaka 10.12.2012
Melaka sightseeing 09.12.2012
Melaka... Wandering the streets 08.12.2012
Greetings from Melaka 07.12.2012
Final day in Singapore... Still really hot. 06.12.2012
First Day Singapore 05.12.2012
Hurray we are here! 04.12.2012